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 Community United Methodist Church
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Financial Programs

Program offered throughout the year. Watch for our next class!
Do you try to live on a fixed income? Are you earning a good paycheck but seem to be broke all the time? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Do you have credit card debt? How about student loans? Are you house poor? Are you wanting to buy a house? Do you have 30-day-same-as-cash loans? Do you have a college fund and/or retirement plan in place but are not sure if it the right one? Do you know the right life insurance to buy? Are you trying to live "their" life and not yours? Are you doing just fine but want to help someone else?
If you answered YES to anyone of those questions, attend Financial Peace University. 
 Financial Peace University (FPU) is a 9-week class where you learn to take control of your money God's way. By video, the famous and trusted Dave Ramsey teaches you the 7 baby steps and how to budget and tell your money where to go. Each week there's a video, and and after the video you work in a group setting and discuss the video, answer questions, and work on activities in the book. You'll learn about debt snowballing, envelop systems, subaccounts, and more. Powerful, usable, and actionable information is shared during the video and during the discussion time after. You can discuss as much or as little as you like during the class.
 One-on-one money coaching session with the church host of the class are also available. The church host is happy to meet and discuss your situation in more detail and help take control of your financial situation. 
For more information, contact the church at 937-253-5169 or email Belva Rockwell at debtfreepeace@gmail.com
Baby Step 1
$1,000- Emergency Fraud
Baby Step 2
Debt Snowball
Baby Step 3
3-6 months of Savings
Baby Step 4
15% in Retirement
Baby Step 5
College Funding
Baby Step 6
Pay of House
Baby Step 7
Build Wealth & Give
Ed's CarTalk
Will help participants know auto repair rip-offs and how to do some basic car checks and maintenance to avoid needless and expensive repair. Ed Miller is a professional mechanic with many years of experience. He is also a member of Community United Methodist Church.